West Kootenay Nancy Greene Zone final

The Summit Lake Racers were excited to host the West Kootenay Nancy Greene Zone Final ski races on Sunday, March 6.

Contributed by Sandra Watt

The Summit Lake Racers were excited to host the West Kootenay Nancy Greene Zone Final ski races on Sunday, March 6. This was a big event for our hill which welcomed and accommodated 125 competitors (6–12-year-old racers) from all over the West Kootenays. The zone includes teams from Whitewater (Nelson), Red Mountain (Rossland), Salmo and Phoenix Mountain (Grand Forks) and Summit Lake.

On Saturday, a large team of coaches and volunteers directed by Doug McQuair and Susie Madden set two great courses that were run back to back on Sunday. The first was a modified slalom and the second a modified giant slalom.

Colby MacIntosh said “the GS race was fun and fast!”

The good weather, the great snow conditions and many dedicated people really helped to make the event a terrific success. The outcome was a well-organized, efficiently run race day.  Frances Swan reflected that “it really was a great day – conditions were perfect, weather was lovely, the lift was on good behavior  – couldn’t have asked for better”.  It was also fun spectators to watch and cheer the racers speeding down the hill on the final two thirds of the courses.

Congratulations to the Summit Lake Racers who placed third in the team event and to Solomon Tupper who placed second and Jesse Katchen who placed first in the boys E3 event!

Once again, thank you to the coaches, assistant coaches and helpers whose outstanding organization has enabled the kids to learn a lot this year and really enjoy the sport.

Summit Lake Racers:

E1, SLR 1 team – Jake Bjarnason; Maia Zinselmeyer; Morgan Flesaker; Colby Mackintosh; Zoe Zinselmeyer; Maya Watson.

E2, SLR 1 team – Cameron Mackintosh; Jordan Katchen.

E3, SLR 1 team – Rhys McLeod; Sam Baiko; Ivy Tourand; Alexander Regenberg.

E1, SLR 2 team – Steven Sapietis; Foster Katchen; Dawson Bone; Lauren Sapietis; Jared Groenhuysen.

E2, SLR 2 team – Mikala Lewis-Morrison; Kiley Waterfield; Indica Philipson.

E3, SLR 2 team – Solomon Tupper; Cole Lythgoe; Ben Nicolson.

E1, SLR 3 team – Ruby-Mae Harrison-Mowbray; Jake Flammand; Jack Watt; Jude Harrison-Mowbray; Isaac Flamand; Cheyenne Tourand.

E2, SLR 3 team – Larrisa Kessler; Tasha Bjarnason; Garrett Waterfield.

E3, SLR 3 team – Jade Kessler; Jesse Katchen; Noah Makortoff.