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Home tourney a fun time in mixed weather

NSS Girls soccer teams have a fun home tournament in the sun and rain.
Junior Cougar Kira Streliev gets in on the action.

The Senior Girls Cougars went undefeated in the first three games of the tournament, meeting up with Cranbrook in the fourth game to try for a spot in the finals.

In game one, Nicole Hawe started things on a tap in right in front of the net. Maddy Palmer found the net for goals two and three. Shea Weighill got four and five and Kailee Reimer’s persistence around the net got her number six. Final score was 6-0 for Nakusp.

Maddy Palmer started things off with the first goal of the second game. Kim Bowes put the second one in on a long kick just outside the 18 yard box. Sarah Holden hit another long ball to get the next goal. Avery Palmer got the fourth on a penalty shot just outside the 18 yard and Nicole Hawe finished the game with the final goal. Another 6-0 victory for Nakusp.

Early morning game saw the girls come out ready to win! In their fourth game, Rachel Wiebe started the team off with their first goal. Bowes kicked in the second point, and Anya Harrison got the third, winning the game 3-1.

What an exciting fourth game! Naksup (Single A school) was challenged by this AAA school from Cranbrook. The play was back and forth with no goals scored in the first half. Cranbrook scored about half way through the second half, then Sarah Holden scored on a penalty kick with two minutes left in the game. The game ended under sunny skies on Saturday afternoon in a shoot-out. Cougars lost four goals to two in the shootout. It was a very fast paced game with the skill and speed of our Seniors girls obvious to the crowd.

In the end Nakusp Senior Cougars lost to Cranbrook, but to Nakusp and our high school, they won hands down. The girls finished in third place in the tournament! Sarah Holden got defensive player of the tournament and Avery Palmer got offensive player of the tournament.

Nakusp Junior Girls Cougars played three games in the tournament this past weekend and with the daunting weather continuing to threaten, still managed to keep the smiles on their faces. The sportsmanship and team spirit was contagious and even though they did not take a game, the Junior Cougars were an incredible show  of cheer and support in helping to host a fun filled weekend of soccer.

Way to go NSS Cougars!