Proskier Andy Mahre

Proskier Andy Mahre

Andy Mahre checks out K2-sponsored terrain park at Summit

The terrain park up at Summit Lake Ski Area all started with a plan by Angus Jackson.

The terrain park up at Summit Lake Ski Area all started with a plan, a plan to do some research for a proposal to get some funding to build it. Well actually, it started with some minor griping that lead to some inspiring conversation (i.e. go do something about it if you’re not happy with it) and now, there’s a new terrain park up at the Summit Lake Ski Area, thanks to Angus Jackson and the partners he got to go in on the project.

With funding from the Regional District of Central Kootenay, the Summit Lake Racers and K2/CMH, Jackson was able to get it done, and now there is a terrain park for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy at the hill. The 14 year old not only worked on the proposal over the summer, he also worked on fabricating the park’s metal rails with a friend.

Global Marketing Manager for K2 Skis Mike Gutt was impressed with the level of professionalism when he saw Jackson’s proposal, he said during a K2 visit to Nakusp Secondary. The plan details the rationale behind building a park as well as measurements and cost estimates, complete with a site picture and diagrams.

K2 athlete Andy Mahre stopped by Summit Lake Ski Area on Feb. 22 to check out the night skiing and the terrain park. Unfortunately, the park doesn’t have lighting (yet), but Mahre enjoyed taking some runs on the local hill with Jackson.

The new terrain park is already a well-used feature at the hill, and additions are likely, said hill insider Frances Swan. It’s amazing what a little get-up-and-go can do.