Tourism would be buoyed by more moorage

It would not take much to put in three buoys so visiting boaters would have some place to tie up to for the night.

I spent the past four days sailing and Motoring up Lower Arrow Lake from Hugh Keenleyside dam 125 km. to Nakusp.

As I travelled along, no matter how small the village, ample moorage was always available until I arrived at Nakusp. This village that depends largely on tourists to support it is very much in need of overnight moorage for visiting boaters.

The first thing that greets you when you arrive at the launch ramp from the lake is a line of signs that read no over night moorage.

At the top of the launch ramp I found a sign that explains all the rules and regulations for the marina. At the bottom of this sign is a line that reads, “to enquire about moorage contact Saddle Sports.”

Then I wandered around town looking for Saddle Sports and found out that it has been closed for a few years.

I then went for a cold drink and lunch. The waitress at the restaurant suggested that I talk to the Village office, as they may know who looks after the marina. So I walked five blocks to the Village office and a very helpful receptionist did everything in her power to find out if I could have moorage for the night.

Fifteen phone calls later and after discovering that the local dentist was not using his boat slip at this time, I had moorage. I was given the gate codes for both gates to give me access to docks and a slip number. I am very thankful for this.

It would not take much to put in three buoys so visiting boaters would have some place to tie up to for the night. This was implemented at the end of the lake at Penticton with great result. The buoys were installed and this was advertised to the public and boaters came and spent there money in Penticton.

In the end I enjoyed my stay in your village. The food, people and weather are wonderful. You have a piece of paradise here. Make it easy for the boaters to enjoy it too.

Many times in the two hours that it took to find Moorage I was tempted to get on the boat and go elsewhere, thereby bypassing Nakusp.

I would have missed a great experience had I gone on down the lake.

Thanks to everyone that made it possible to stay overnight.


Guy Requier

Edmonton, AB