Smart meter delay to end soon

The delay of smart meter installation will end shortly after the election of the new government.

Citizens who are intending to keep their non wireless watt-hour meters need to have their meters locked down, posted and the required notifications to BC Hydro completed.

The installation delay will end shortly after the election of the new government. We had hoped that the major political parties would have promised a full moratorium to allow a sober second look at the technically troubled smart meter program. There has been nothing from them; however, this does give more time for getting ready to face the installers.

BC Hydro realized they had a problem in our valleys when it was demonstrated that the smart grid disables locally owned WiFi internet services. This was a clear violation of the non-interference provisions of Industry Canada rules as stated in the RSS 210. That is why they called for the delay until their technical team could deliver their message to the service providers later this month.

There are two ways to protect yourselves from this invasive and dangerous technology. If you intend to protect your lawful rights as a private person then you can find out more about an old provision of the Common Law called the “Claim of Right” at:   

If you are a strong willed person or don’t like the above exacting administrative process you may choose to use the CST/Coalition documents which can be found here:

Smart meter refusers should be prepared with correct statements to use when Hydro sends a succession of officials to attempt your re-education. Citizens should keep copies of all Hydro documents and record everything that happens in a way which can be useful to the court.

If you are uncertain about how to proceed, get help from one of the many people in our communities who are fighting industrial tyranny in our valleys.

There is nothing quite like the taste of freedom won with focused intent by defenders of our fragile world.


Ed McGinnis

Fauquier, BC