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Letter: British Columbia wolf slaughter

To: British Columbia Premier John Horgan and Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources Operations and Rural Development Katrine Conroy

Re; British Columbia wolf slaughter

To: Premier John Horgan and FLNR Minister Conroy

Recently the British Columbia government decided to continue slaughtering wolves from helicopters. To date more than 1429 wolves have been killed. This ” short term” killing program is now well on its way to last at least a decade in the South Peace, South Selkirk, North Columbia, Tweedsmuir, Hart Ranges and Itch Ilgachuz regions.

A recent BC government survey resulted in 60 percent of respondents opposed the Wolf kill program, and yet the government chose to continue the killing.

Your decision to slaughter wolves from helicopters is incredibly unethical and continues a pathway to ecological disaster that the previous liberal government started. Diverting the blame ( of reduced Caribou numbers) by scapegoating wolves is not going to accomplish anything other than redirecting millions of dollars that should instead be going to hospitals or used to rebuild our highway infrastructure. I would appreciate it if you would stop wasting my precious tax dollars Mr. Premier and Minister Conroy.

So what should our conversations be when it comes to elements ( caribou ) in Nature’s infinitely complex ecosystem equation? The narrative coming from the British Columbia Premiers office should be based on a few realities that we humans cannot escape from – nor should we apologize for.

1. Humans are incredibly successful at reproduction ( 9,000 humans are added to the global population base of 8 billion every hour ) with significant resource demands and ecological impact in our province.

2. Humans are incredibly successful at resource extraction and resource use ( logging, mining, oil and gas exploration, and recreation use such as snowmobiling, heliskiing, cat skiing ) – with a significant ecological impact in our province.

3. Humans are excellent at dispersal to new areas in which to live – with a significant ecological impact in our province.

These all add up to a massive human footprint in our beautiful province of British Columbia that has a major impact on nature and is getting larger all the time.

In conclusion Mr. Premier and Minister Conroy, our human ecological footprint is not going to be reduced by killing wolves. Our human condition – in BC and around the globe – is what it is – no apologies.

A breeding pair of wolves need to feed their family just like you and I do. If that means Caribou happens to be on the lunch menu, so be it. Let the family of wolves live their lives.


Darryl Oakley

Kimberley, BC