It looks like this village has got the energy

That’s right folks, this column is going to be one of the more “serious” ones that Sam has written.

That’s right folks, this column is going to be one of the more “serious” ones that Sam has written. Not too serious, I admit, but I think I should mention my impressions after attending all the economic meetings and having it finally wrap up this last week.

Right from the get go, Laurie Page and Bob Toews were organized and on top of the meetings.

It didn’t feel like some random person pleading with the villagers to change things.

It was far less dramatic, but much more important.

They have been fully organized, bringing in incredible guest speakers and panel members for the community to learn from, question and try and absorb to apply to their own lives.

From the very first meeting all the way up to the last industry segment on agriculture, and finally to the big question: “What’s Next?” They had the right idea, and, I can’t speak for everyone else, but they instilled confidence in me that the village was now stepping in the right direction.

Take for instance Corky Evans, former minister of agriculture for B.C.

He was one of the keynote speakers for the meeting on agriculture in Nakusp. It was the first meeting since the Christmas break and it was a cold, snowy January night.

But people showed. And not just four or five, but dozens of people showed up in support of these meetings.

He said it best when he told the group this is not normal. And that really stuck with me, because he was right.

It’s not normal for council, regional directors, citizens and farmers to meet up in one place on a cold and snowy night to talk about how to make the village a better place. That just doesn’t happen, at least, not with the amount of support these meetings had.

To me, this goes to show two important things about all of this.

One: That these meetings are important and meaningful.

Two: That people actually care about them.

And that’s probably the most important point of all.

Victor Cumming, an economic consultant for more than 30 years, was both the keynote speaker for the first and last meetings.

He himself said Nakusp is on the right track. We’ve reached a point where we have to take this energy and move forward, but he believes we have the potential to do that.

I don’t believe this man peddles false hope.

He was dead honest about what he believes makes a community move forward and thrive, and warned us all about what will happen if we don’t move forward properly.

Unanimously, Laurie Page and Bob Toews were given the blessing of those who attended to go ahead and start taking the next steps into improving the village. And I believe they’ll try their best to do just that.

I truly hope something comes of this, and I get the feeling it will.

So there you have it, my more serious commentary on happenings around the village.

I promise not to make it a habit.

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, just quickly read the story on page 1 and 2, it’s worth it.