How smart are wireless meters?

I was assured on the phone by a BC Hydro representative that all the data and the network is encrypted. Yippee.

BC Hydro’s contractor, Corix, is currently in Nakusp on their second wave of meter replacements. Fortunately, it’s still an option at this time to refuse to have it installed.

Personally, the radiation produced (although substantial) is not my biggest concern. The privacy violation of the data gathered, the security of that data after it’s gathered and the security of the network are my biggest worries.

This meter equates to a surveillance device bolted to your house which records every time you turn on the TV, dryer, lights, etc.

It doesn’t strain the imagination too far to foresee a day when someone calls you up to sell you a new fridge because your old one has a heavy power signature. ((questionable line))

I was assured on the phone by a BC Hydro representative that all the data and the network is encrypted.


A simple Google search for “smart meter hack” will reveal that these meters and the networks have already been hacked in other countries. Anything from altering what power consumption rate the meter sends to uploading malicious software that interferes with the network and shuts down thousands of meters. It’s already being done in the world.

Nothing is secure in the new digital age and the fact that our power grid is entering the playing field frankly scares the bejeebers out of me. And we’re all gonna be on board for this Good Ship Titani…BC Hydro’s Maiden voyage.

If there is anything modern companies know it’s that the hackers are always one step ahead and always will be. You called Jimmy and his black van to give you free cable in the 90s. You called Jimmy in the black van for free satellite a decade later. Now you’re gonna be able to call him to reprogram your meter so you can have a grow-op or cheaper power for your elderly parents in the next decade.

BC Hydro is kidding themselves (and us too) by pretending it isn’t going to happen. And I hate to be a Negative-Nelly.

The fact is that most of the people reading this are almost already too late. The meters have already been changed. The battle shouldn’t be done though. It’s no wonder Fortis BC is hiring an international damage control PR firm (Exponent PLC) to represent them to their clients. Exponent’s motto is “Create Belief.” They’ve defended pesticides in the past. If that doesn’t cast a shadow…

You know the old saying: “Never say ‘whoah’ in a mudhole.”


Dan Nero

Nakusp, B.C.