This Week in History

Events of this week in and around the region from decades gone by.

  • May. 6, 2017 7:00 p.m.

May 6, 1927

The element of doubt as to the cause of last Friday’s triple tragedy in the Noble Five mine at Cody, which to many was not cleared up by the inquest, which allocated no blame, caused such strong public sentiment in Sandon that a public meeting was called by the Sandon Miners Union for discussion of the situation. At that meeting, held April 27th, a committee of five was formed to gather information into the cause of the accident. A resolution of the meeting requesting the minister of mines to hold a special inquiry will also be forwarded to that minister. Those on the investigation committee are E. Scott, R.C. Morton, Emil Anderson, Geo. Kirk and Albert Satsaa. A large contingent of Sandon people went to New Denver to attend the joint funeral of Olaf Beckman, Henry Beckman and Martin Nelson, victims of the accident.


The Arrow Lakes Sawmill Ltd. of Nakusp has been purchased by the United Grain Growers Sawmills Ltd. represented by manager Charles Howarth. The sawmills of this company, located at Hutton Mills, west of Edmonton, were destroyed in a fire two years ago and were not rebuilt. The planer mills escaped the fire. It is expected that these planer mills will be shipped to Nakusp, where they would be set up apart from the mill at Nakusp.


The Columbia River Sawmill Co. of Edmonton, has purchased the remains of the old sawmill to the right of the CPR wharf at Arrowhead. The new manager has arrived and about 10 men are employed, along with eight teams of horses and as soon as the site is ready, they will ship in machinery. This mill has been idle for about 10 years.


W.J. Pratt has been making a decided improvement to the Leland Hotel in Nakusp. He has put in four large glass windows, covering 33 feet of space. The entire frontage of the dining room now overlooks the lake, and diners can view the charming lake scene while they eat their meal.


May 6, 1937

This week marks the sale of one of Nakusp’s oldest businesses, that of G.W. Jordan, old timer merchant of Nakusp. William and Clifford Jupp have purchased the business. Along similar lines to that of the previous owner, men’s furnishing are the chief lines carried, although some small lines of women’s and children’s goods are handled.


Wednesday next, May 12, the British Empire unites in the celebration of the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Towns and villages in both the Slocan and Arrow valleys are preparing parades, divine services, patriotic concerts, dances, etc. Such events help to impress the undying loyalty and unity of the peoples of the British Empire.

May 2, 1957

A landslide roared down across Cody Gulch at Sandon shortly after noon Sunday, demolishing four vacant houses. The fall of trees, rocks and mud temporarily dammed Carpenter Creek, endangering three more houses, all occupied, and one being the post office. The families evacuated the houses, but the creek worked its way through the slide. The slide came across the creek and blocked the road in Cody Gulch to a depth of about 25 feet, just touching one of the three threatened homes. the snow is still about two and a half feet deep on the level in Sandon and roads, although open, are constantly throated by falling debris.


After a long illness, Mrs. Ethel Jane Sanderson died in Trail Sunday, aged 78. She had come to Sandon 50 years ago, later moving to New Denver where she lived until seven years ago.


May 4, 1967

Nakusp Village Council has been informed that funds have been reserved by the provincial health ministry, for the construction of a health unit building in Nakusp. There are also federal funds available, and the Kinsmen Club has expressed interest in raising the local funds. Council also voted in favour of taking over the Nakusp Volunteer Fire Department.


Barry Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Johnson of Nakusp, now attending University of Washington, set a new indoor triple jump record recently with a distance of 48’ 11”, toppling the old record of 48’ 7”. He also set a record with a broad jump of 24’ 7 1/2 at UCLA-Washington meet.


May 4, 1977

Students of Nakusp Secondary School will present their version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” at the school. Elena Coltura will star as Snow White with Roland Cataford as the Prince and Brenda Allard as the Queen. Music is supplied by the Grade 8 band. Don Cunningham and Mary Mandarino are stage directors and Barbara Ramirez will direct choreography.


May 6, 1987

The Village of Nakusp Council wrestled with the problems of huge tax increases and have decided to raise taxes for municipal purposes by about four percent this year. Council feels that this increase is necessary to maintain current service levels for the community. Council fears the shock of ratepayers when they receive their tax notices because of the increases from other agencies for which the Village collects taxes.

The Arrow Lakes School District, for example, has assessed the Village requirements of $43,000 over last year. This will mean an increase of an average of $80 per homeowner in the Village for school purposes alone.