Rodeo in the works to come to Nakusp this July

A rodeo may come to Nakusp if Trophy Tournaments gets all the required approvals.

A rodeo may come to Nakusp if Trophy Tournaments gets all the required approvals. Trophy Tournaments president JR Bruvall presented the possibility to Village Council last week. Village council said they would give him a letter of support once all the necessary permits were in place.

Bruvall’s current vision is a two-day affair that would take place at the end of July this year on private property. This is the first rodeo he has planned, although he has been running different sporting events and tournaments for years.

“It seems to be a go,” said Bruvall, “it’s nerve-wracking, of course.” The event organizer said he’s been talking to people at Creek Quarterhorses and the local veterinarian, and he is hoping to have them all come out for the rodeo.

Even so, he’s excited about bringing the event to Nakusp. Bruvall owns a place in Galena Bay and loves it. A horse-enthusiast himself, when he heard that the Nakusp Music Fest wasn’t going to be happening this year, he thought he’d take a shot bringing a fun event to town.

Even people who may not love horses will find something at the rodeo, said Bruvall. He is planning events that he believes will create comfort for people around animals. According to a proposed rodeo schedule, there will be opportunities for folks to get up close and personal with farm animals.

“The town needs something,” he said. The rodeo will be an entertaining, all-day event for people that he hopes will have the same kind of draw for people that a music festival would have.

“For the town, it’s new,” said Bruvall, who said he hope people are curious to come and check it out.