Referendum for Edgewood Legion and fire hall

The referendum would bring in a tax to help out both services.

A referendum has been announced for Edgewood to allow two taxation services.

One service would be for the fire department, and the other would be to help the Legion keep the community hall.

“That tax would raise whatever amount they’re looking for,” said Paul Peterson. “In this case, that’s $5,000 for the Legion, and $10,000 for the fire department.”

Peterson said the two groups have no other source of income, so it’s fairly necessary, especially for the fire department.

“Right now, they’re only working with a couple of fire caddies, not even a fire truck or a fire hall,” he said. “The Legion has been subsidizing the community all these years, and they’re finding it hard to keep going without a little bit of a supplement from the community itself.”

Peterson said both groups are a necessary part of the community. The fire department helps keep everyone a little safer, and the hall is important for the community for a variety of uses, such as a meeting place, a place for dances, Christmas parties, and so on.

The referendum will take place in June. No date has been set.

There was no comment from the Edgewood Legion at the time of publication.