RCMP busy with B&Es

RCMP have been busy over the past month, investigating a breaking and entering in Nakusp.

  • Sep. 3, 2015 8:00 a.m.

Ryan Willman

Arrow Lakes News

RCMP have been busy over the past month, investigating a breaking and entering in Nakusp, and making an arrest off an interprovincial warrant in Slocan.

Nakusp RCMP investigated after the Hut Drive-In, the well-known restaurant located on Broadway Street, suffered a destructive break and enter last Wednesday.

The Nakusp RCMP believes the unlawful entry and subsequent vandalism occurred sometime in the early hours that morning.

The break-in appears to have been motivated by an intention to rob the restaurant of its onsite cash-holdings, but according to Nakusp Corporal Jason Burndred, “They didn’t really get much, they were successful in gaining entry into the hut, but they didn’t make off with any substantial amount of money. They did more damage than anything.”

While the RCMP have not yet arrested a suspect, they are on the case.

“The event is being actively investigated,” Burndred reported, “we have a few person’s of interest in this case.”

RCMP would like to encourage anyone with information about the break and enter to please contact the Nakusp detachment.

The New Denver detachment also saw some action this month, arresting a man for breaking and entering in Alberta.

“My guys in the New Denver office were the ones who made the arrest,” Burndred stated in regards to the interprovincial arrest made in Slocan earlier this month.

Stemming from an investigation that was conducted in July, the suspect in question was picked up from a Slocan residence by RCMP officers in early August.

“He had a warrant for break and enter in the Edmonton area from 2010, “Burndred explained. “The warrant was out of Alberta, so we sought the extension of the warrant radius to include B.C. The warrant was approved, we made the arrest and he got shipped off to Edmonton.”

RCMP officers also recovered a firearm as a result of the arrest.