Needles ferry operational, and Arrow Park too, but being monitored

The Arrow Park Ferry is operating on a "day to day basis" at the moment, and the Needles Ferry continues its service as usual.

The Arrow Park Ferry is operating on a “day to day basis” according to, which was last updated Thursday, July 5, 2012 at noon.

Western Pacific Marine confirmed this was the case, and that the ferry was continuing to run, although they were watching the water levels. If the water rises much higher, the cable ferry will be out of cable and unable to perform its shuttle service, but so far the ferry has remained in operation.

When the infrastructure was put in, studies were done and cable was laid for the expected high water levels, said Dave Holm of Western Pacific Marine. At the moment, the length of cable is sufficient, and the ferry will continue to run, although it will be closely monitored.

Rumours were also heard around Nakusp that the Needles Ferry was in jeopardy of shutting down due to the high water levels, but Holm said that was not the case. Although it is also a cable ferry, the Needles continues to be fine, although it will also be monitored as well.

One of the worst impacts on the ferries is floating debris, said Holm, which can slow down both cable ferries and larger ferries like the Galena Bay.

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