Don Rogers is a half-millionaire thanks to the LOTTO MAX.

Don Rogers is a half-millionaire thanks to the LOTTO MAX.

Nakusp’s Don Rogers a half-millionaire

Don Rogers is a half-millionaire thanks to the LOTTO MAX.

Nakusp resident Don Rogers, was running behind and hadn’t bought his lottery ticket for last Friday’s draw. He’s now very happy he made it to the lottery retailer after winning a $500,000 LOTTO MAX jackpot on the July 6, 2012 draw.

“The feeling is incredible. It’s just like you see on television,” described Rogers. “On the day of the draw I had wanted to buy a ticket because there was so much money to be won. Then I almost didn’t make it on time because I was stuck behind a really slow truck.”

Roger’s matched 7/7 numbers to split a $1 million MAXMILLION with another winner from central Canada.

“When I first checked my ticket I asked the clerk to make my day,” laughed Rogers, who checked his ticket on Sunday at Carson’s Corner. “She did, and then some.”

It was hard to get any sleep that night after discovering he had won, so Don and his wife Jan set out for the BC Lotto office in Kamloops at 4 a.m.

Last Friday’s LOTTO MAX jackpot was the biggest in Canadian history, with $100 million prize pool available to be won. Only once before has a Canadian lottery game come close to a prize amount of this size. In June 2010, a $50 million LOTTO MAX jackpot was accompanied by 49 MAXMILLIONS.

“So far all I’ve got planned is to pay off my bills and get a bit of work done around the house,” said Rogers, “But I’m sure my wife and I will come up with something a little more creative.”

Don, an irregular lotto player, bought the winning ticket at the Kuskanax Lodge.

“This is probably the third ticket I bought this year,” said the lucky man.

Another ticket sold in Cranbrook matched 6/7 plus the bonus and that winner will take home $369,267.40.