A tender for the project will be sent out on BC Bid. Photo: B.C. Government

A tender for the project will be sent out on BC Bid. Photo: B.C. Government

Nakusp Elementary School child care centre set to open in May 2022

Conceptual drawings and project timelines for centre have already been complete

The Nakusp Elementary School child care centre (NESC) is anticipated to open up in May 2022, according to an SD 10 superintendent report.

Vernon-based MQN Architects have created conceptual drawings for the centre and have worked with district staff to complete a project timeline.

“What we’ve devised with our architect is a timeline that is reasonable given what we’ve seen with the Goat Mountain Child Care Centre (GMCC) in New Denver, which also required some flexibility around its own timeline,” said SD 10 superintendent Terry Taylor.

“There have been some issues around our supply chain that we’ve been encountering during COVID-19 with all of our capital projects, including the GMCC. I think the NES project has a reasonably accurate timeline and we’ll know more once it gets underway.”

The grand opening of the GMDCC was delayed by two months because construction material that had been ordered was delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The centre opens on Nov. 2 and will create 46 child care spaces.

To help start the NESC project, two old portables at the school will be removed and demolished. Construction will then get underway to expand the existing school and accommodate the new child care centre.

SD 10 staff don’t anticipate any major interruptions for students and staff when construction gets underway.

“One of the advantages is the project will be occurring in a separate wing of the school by the gym and that will assist us significantly,” said Taylor.

“That being said, there will be some challenges like any school would face when there’s construction going on.”

SD 10 staff will send out a tender for the project on BC Bid before it gets started. They will also create criteria within the tender to get as many local contractors working on the project that they can.

The child care centre will create 60 new spaces for kindergarten to Grade 7 students and 36 spaces for kids between the ages of zero and five. Each child care space will be equipped with at least one washroom and a kitchen area.

The district has secured $3.1 million in funding from a Ministry of Family and Child Development grant and $150,000 from the Columbia Basin Trust to complete the project.

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