Nakusp cougar threat neutralized by conservation officer

Social media has been buzzing for the last two weeks.

  • Aug. 17, 2015 3:00 p.m.


Arrow Lakes News

Social media has been buzzing for the last two weeks as community members in the Nakusp area posted sightings and warnings about a cougar that had taken up residency in the area. The neighborhood watch method of information sharing helped keep residents safe as the aggressive cougar preyed on local cats, dogs and livestock.

Castelgar Conservation officer, Tobe Sprado also encouraged the public to call the Report a Poacher Polluter (RAPP) Call Center to report any “human wildlife conflict situations that they might find themselves in.”

On Aug. 1, RAPP received a report of two slaughtered lambs in a rural area just south of the village of Nakusp, and Sprado arrived on site later that day. Using one of the lamb carcasses as bait, a foot hold trap was set to catch the cougar.

“Later that night a large adult female cougar was caught in the foot hold trap,” Sprado reported.

The cougar was euthanized and removed from the area.