Mountain biker’s paradise in Nakusp?

Janis Neufeld of the Nakusp and Area Bike Society discusses the society, along with trails currently open.

Looking for something to do during the second week of spring break?

Why not try hopping on a bike and checking out one of the local bike trails maintained by the Nakusp and Area Bike Society?

There are currently four trails for mountain bikers to ride, and each one has a different level of difficulty.

“Kids just learning can ride Zoolander, but so can expert riders they just go faster,” said Janis Neufeld, a member of the bike society. “There’s also Droptimus, which would be sort of your black diamond trail.”

Along with these two, there is one called Horse Thief, which would be more of an intermediate trail, and for beginners, there is the rail grade.

While there are currently four trails, the bike society would like to create more trails in an effort to promote biking in all its forms for Nakusp, and to help promote physical activity and increased recreational opportunities.

Neufeld noted three good reasons for creating more bike trails in the area.

“One is just for our Nakuspians to have increased recreational opportunities,” she said. “It will make Nakusp more attractive as aplace to move, and the third is the economic impact that having trails here will create on Nakusp.”

With this in mind, the bike society has applied for Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Initiatives grant. The group is asking for $30,000.

What the bike society is applying for is to initiate and plan the recreation area that they’ve applied for tenure, and to build trails.

“We plan to have everything from your mom and pop trails down near the lake, all the way to aggressive, hardcore, full-face helmet downhill trails that go from the top of the mountain all the way down something for everyone.” said Neufeld.

Mountain biking has many forms, it’s not just biking on a trail. There are different types, including downhill, cross country, andall-mountain.

The trails are open to the public, so anyone is free to check them out.

If a person is interested in becoming part of the bike society, Shon’s Bike and Ski Shop has the forms. It’s $15 for an individual,and $25 for a family. All profits go toward supporting the Nakusp and Area Bike Society.