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Monitoring for Chronic Wasting Disease ongoing in Boundary and Kootenay regions

Hunters have several locations to drop off heads for testing
Hunters have several locations to drop off heads of harvested deer as part of the B.C. government monitoring program for chronic wasting disease. Photo: Sam Fait

With deer hunting season underway, hunters are being reminded that they may need to submit the animal’s head to monitor for chronic wasting disease (CWD).

Mandatory submission for CWD testing is required for white-tailed and mule deer harvested in a number of B.C. management units within one week of harvest.

As part of the BC Wildlife Program’s monitoring of CWD, hunters have several locations in the Boundary region where they can drop off heads of harvested deer.

In Grand Forks, the drop off freezer is located at Boundary Country Autobody, 7920-C Donaldson Drive.

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In the West Boundary region hunters can leave heads in Westbridge at the Farmhouse Butchery, 2825 Hwy 3, or at the Double E Sportsman’s Camp, 20 km up the Christian Valley Road.

Heads can also be dropped off at any B.C. Wildlife or Conservation Officer Service office and at number of business locations across the East Kootenay.

Chronic Wasting Disease is a highly contagious brain infection that can infect any member of the cervid family, including moose, elk and deer. Signs of infection include drooling, weight loss, droopy ears and low energy. While humans cannot be infected, they are advised to avoid consuming the meat of an infected animal.

So far the disease hasn’t been detected in B.C.’s herds, according to the BC Government website, but due to its spread across the country, monitoring is ongoing.

Information on requirements for submitting a head, how to submit and fact sheets on CWD can be found on the Government of BC Website for CWD testing and monitoring.

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