Meet the candidates for Nakusp Village Council

Seven candidates running for four seats

Below are candidate bios for Nakusp Village Council. There are seven people running for four seats on Nakusp council.

These bios have been submitted and are in alphabetical order.

Aiden McLaren-Caux (Incumbent)

Having served one term on Nakusp village council, I am excited to put my name forward for another four years of service to the community that I love.

I have been deeply involved in several aspects of the village over the years – with recreational groups (hiking, soccer, and skiing), or with community non-profits and the Nakusp Elementary School Parent Advisory Council, or with corporate governance on the board of NACFOR, to name just a few – and I hope to continue to help develop and guide our beautiful community.

The past four years have been a time of change for our world and our community.

Over that time Nakusp has seen its fair share of change: demographic shifts, the revitalization of the downtown core, increased awareness of our village as a lifestyle and recreation community, renewed energy in several key volunteer organizations, etc.

As we look to the next four years, my vision for Nakusp is one of an increasingly prosperous community with a diversified economy that is equitable for all our residents, embracing the future with open arms while respecting and honouring our collective past.

The past four years have also been a time of great personal and professional growth for myself, and I look forward to continuing down that path of growth and renewal together with my community.

Over the past few months, I had the great privilege of traveling throughout much of our province and across the country, and I was regularly reminded of how lucky we are to live in such an amazing and unique community.

I am seeking your support to allow me to continue to contribute to making our village better every day by representing you on Nakusp village council.

You will not find a more passionate, professional, and articulate advocate for Nakusp and its residents, and I look forward to serving my community once more.

Pictured is candidate Aiden McLaren-Caux (Incumbent)

Pictured is candidate Aiden McLaren-Caux (Incumbent)

Andreea Myhal

With a background in project management, events planning, security, defense and customer service, Andrea Myhal says she has dedicated herself to public service.

“My favourite thing is helping people,” she said.

“I really believe in resilience, resourcefulness and leadership. I’m committed to adding value anywhere I go. I believe you have to leave things better than you found them.”

Myhal served on the boards of the Arrow Lakes District Arts Council Society and of the Nakusp and Area Chamber of Commerce, with the goal of enhancing the quality of life for residents and businesses.

She also supported the Nakusp Youth Society, and the Society for Nakusp Community Events.

Myhal and her husband owned and operated Nakusp Taxi for five years.

“Nakusp has welcomed us with open arms. This community has become our home. I’ve never looked back,” Myhal said of moving to Nakusp from Vancouver seven years ago.

She has a degree in International Relations and French from the University of British Columbia, as well as a post-graduate certificate in project management through the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

“My most proud accomplishment is rescuing the Nakusp Visitor Centre and its employees from being shut down at the beginning of 2020, shepherding it through the pandemic, until it could be safely shored this year,” Myhal said.

She volunteered for two years as the manager of the Nakusp Visitor Centre, and worked for two years as the manager of the Nakusp Farmers’ Market.

Some of her goals include improving the housing market, attracting and retaining working families to town, and balancing the needs of the population base with tourism and business development.

A nature-lover at heart, Myhal is a wife and mother to two kids she absolutely adores. Together they bike, hike, swim and ski.

“My family and I deeply love Nakusp, and I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to this wonderful community.”

Pictured is candidate Andreea Myhal

Pictured is candidate Andreea Myhal

Dolly (Dawn) Edwards

My name is Dawn Edwards, but most people call me Dolly. My husband Dale and I fell in love with Nakusp the very first time we visited.

We relocated from our small Alberta hometown in October 2020, and have been calling Nakusp home ever since.

I was able to continue my bookkeeping business which I have operated for many years, Dawn Edwards Bookkeeping. I have a small town mentality and I strongly believe that small businesses are the backbone of our country. I also know how important volunteerism is for communities to thrive, therefore I’m a board member of the Nakusp Chamber of Commerce and Arrow Lake Search and Rescue.

I’m excited to meet with Nakusp’s residents and business owners to discuss ideas for how we can make Nakusp the best place to live, play and work!

I am running for council to make a difference.

Pictured is candidate Dolly (Dawn) Edwards

Pictured is candidate Dolly (Dawn) Edwards

Jo Law

Upon moving to Nakusp in 2017, Jo Law fell deeply in love with its pristine beauty, sense of community and untapped potential.

As a result of living in this village, the last five years have been nothing short of motivating and inspirational.

In 2018, Law opened TastyTimes Vegan Eatery, a seasonal food truck, bringing exciting plant based options to the village.

In 2019, Law launched Branchery.ca, an online shop dedicated to connecting and broadening exposure of talented local creators to the rest of Canada.

In 2020, Law led Nakusp’s first Anti- Racism March attended by well over one hundred residents and supporters.

In 2021, Law proudly became a first time author, releasing a self published children’s book entitled “The Little Fluffy Cloud” with the goal of helping children and grownups alike cope with grief and loss.

In addition, Jo currently serves as Secretary for the Nakusp and Area Youth Society and also sits on the board with the Society for Nakusp Community Events.

Every event and project that Law has been part of since moving to Nakusp was brought to fruition keeping the betterment and strengthening of community in mind.

From serving nourishing food and entertainment to delivering small business amplification and social justice allyship, Jo moves with the purpose of enriching the lives of those in the community, both locally and globally. Running for a seat in council is just the natural next step, bringing a fresh energy and diverse perspective to the table.

Pictured is Candidate Jo Law

Pictured is Candidate Jo Law

Mason Hough

I relocated to Nakusp with my wife and three children over five years ago.

I have always had a strong connection to the village.

My mother was born here and growing up, I have spent many summers with family in Nakusp.

I chose this opportunity to run for council because I feel my background in project management would be beneficial to our village and I have a genuine interest in helping our community thrive.

Equally, I believe that it is important for us to maintain the small town feel we all love about Nakusp.

Pictured is candidate Mason Hough

Pictured is candidate Mason Hough

Tina Knooihuizen

Over the past 25 years, I have often been engaged in community-based and non profit organizations in an effort to give back to my community.

While I have no specific experience on council, I feel these past years have given me insight, knowledge and abilities that I believe would be beneficial at the council table. Particularly the last several months on the Nakusp and District Chamber Of Commerce as acting president.

Where I lack in experience, I have commitment and dedication to recommend me. I am transparent and honest, have a strong work ethic, conduct myself with integrity, and commitment and intend to be true to those values.

I’ve had the pleasure of having dialogue with numerous residents who describe Nakusp as alive with new energy.

It would be a pleasure to take an active roll in that positive momentum and further support and improve upon social well-being.

Through working on the Chamber, I have already had the positive pleasure of collaborating with Dolly Edwards, Tom Zelznick, Aidan McLaren-Caux and Jo Law.

It would be a pleasure to continue working with any and all of these individuals.

Pictured is candidate Tina Knooihuizen

Pictured is candidate Tina Knooihuizen

Victoria Youmans

I am Victoria Youmans. I’ve lived in Nakusp off and on for 24 years I’m raising my fourth child here and running a small business.

We are an avid outdoor family and love our life in the Kootenays.

I’m running for council so that I can be a part of solutions, to give back to this incredible community, to help implement changes in positive ways while keeping the uniqueness of Nakusp.

I’d like to be involved with finding the answers to the housing crisis, creating jobs, bring in events to our village and area, take a look at our pest issue in the downtown area, and to see more programs brought to Nakusp for children and seniors.

I hope to achieve a good communication between myself and the people of Nakusp to have a good understanding of what is needed here and take action.

It’s going to be a learning experience along the way, however, I can promise that I’ll have the best interest of our community at heart at all times.

I’ll bring the voices of Nakusp into every decision made.

Pictured is candidate Victoria Youmans

Pictured is candidate Victoria Youmans