Late night joy ride ends with golf cart in lake

On Friday, Feb. 15 someone broke through a fence at the Nakusp Centennial Golf Course and drove one of the carts into the lake.

  • Feb. 24, 2013 9:00 a.m.

The tracks into the lake could still be seen on Friday afternoon near the marina. Some time during the very early hours of Friday, someone broke through a fence at the Nakusp Centennial Golf Course, and drove one of the privately owned carts downtown, and into the lake.

A local man believes whoever took the golf cart for a joyride ran out of gas somewhere near the waterfront walkway and boarded his houseboat looking for some.

The cart driver(s) wreaked more havoc when on board, burning a hole in an inflatable dingy and ripping off a solar light from the vessel. Once they were done, the untied the boat from its moorings.

What prompted them to take the cart and rummage violently through the boat remains a mystery, although alcohol is likely part of the equation, said Nakusp RCMP Mark Macaulay.

Screens were also pulled off of a 3rd Avenue cabin’s windows, and police suspect the person(s) responsible for the cart were likely involved with the damage to the window screens.

What is certainly known is that the golf cart went over the bank and into the water. It was found in the morning with all four wheels in the lake. A tow truck pulled it out around noon, and Nakusp RCMP are investigating.

Not saying much as to what was found, Macaulay did say there were a few items that were being used to help identify whoever took the cart for a ride into the drink.