Deb Guest plates the main course of the evening

Deb Guest plates the main course of the evening

Gourmet Gala gets Nakusp out on New Year’s Eve

Deb Guest hosts the second annual New Year's Eve Gala at the Nakusp Seniors' Hall.

Nakuspians had the chance to ring in the new year in style as Deb Guest once again hosted her New Year’s Eve Gala at the Nakusp Seniors’ Hall.

Corinne Tessier was one of the guests in attendance. She and her husband, Bob Toews, heard about the event through Guest and decided to come to the gala for good food and a fun time.

“We know Deb is a great cook,” she said. “She goes all out, so we thought we would support her.”

The meal was kicked off with a pomegranate salad with pine nuts and feta cheese. This was followed by an appetizer of sable fish with tomato coulis.

Third course was a delicious lobster bisque with creme fraiche and croutons.

The main course was chicken supreme with capers and olives, with roasted cauliflower and hummus, roast orange glazed carrots, forbidden rice, and truffle oil.

Dessert was a luscious tiramisu with whipped cream and berry medley.

While the dinner was amazing, Guest noted some issues with food waste she would like to change.

“Last year everything was plated,” she said. “This year we put the salad in big bowl so people could help themselves because last year there was a lot of salad thrown out. It was the same with this year too, so maybe next year we won’t do salad, maybe we’ll do a little bit more extravagant appetizer.”

As guests enjoyed their meal they were serenaded by live music from Barb Harrison and Marty Guest who played a variety of songs including music by Neal Young and Jimi Hendrix.

Following dinner, lights in the hall were dimmed as karaoke was set up at the stage area.

From 9 p.m. on people got up and sang some of their favourite tunes. Shirley Weatherhead had almost everyone on their feet dancing as she belted out The Monkees classic hit “I’m a Believer.”

In the lead up to midnight, glasses of champagne were given out to help ring in the new year.

Everyone cheered as the clock struck midnight, hugging, kissing, dancing, and singing “Auld Lang Syne.