Team ITP

Team ITP

Exciting night for slow pitch ball finale

The finale saw teams compete for first, second, third and fourth place in the league.

It was a great night for baseball fans in Nakusp as residents came out to cheer on their favourite teams in the Nakusp Slow Pitch Baseball finale.

Two games took part in the finale, one to determine third and fourth place in the league, the other to determine first and second place. Battling it out for third and fourth place were teams Déjà Vu and the Brew Jays. Things were looking good for the Brew Jays. By the end of the second inning they were ahead with a score of 11-3. Unfortunately, their luck didn’t last.

Part way through the third inning Déjà Vu managed to not only catch up in scoring to the Brew Jays, they passed them. By the fourth inning, the score was 14-11 for Déjà Vu. Try as they might, the Brew Jays just couldn’t catch up.

By the end of the seventh and final inning, Déjà Vu took third place, with a score of 15-12.

“We played pretty good, they just played a little better I guess,” said Kris James, head coach for the Brew Jays.

The other game of the evening featured team In The Parkers (ITP) vs. team Jugz and Nutz vying for the top spot. This game wasn’t as close. By the end of the first inning, the score was 5-0 for team ITP. AT the bottom of the second inning, they were ahead 13-0.

Despite their effort, team Jugz and Nutz just couldn’t keep up.

The final score was 19-7 for team ITP with Blaine Volansky hitting three home runs in the game.

“It feels pretty good,”Volanksy said, speaking of the runs. “I always like to come out and contribute.”

Though they came out on top, team ITP acknowledged the hard work and effort of team Jugz and Nutz.

“They’ve got a solid team,” said Zac Wethal, head coach for ITP. “We hit the ball well tonight, but they’re no slouches, they’re a really good team.”

He said the game was all about having fun, and getting people to come out and enjoy the game. Wethal said he wants to see more teams in the league.

“In five years we’ve gone from four teams to eight teams,” he said. “We almost had ten, so that’s our goal for next year ten teams.”