COUNCIL NOTES: Emergency services building nearing completion

It’s nearing the end of March which is the scheduled completion time of the new emergency services building (ESB), and staff report it’s almost there.

  • Mar. 15, 2011 6:00 a.m.

All councillors were in attendance, with Coun. Lenn Heppner dialing in by telephone.

It’s nearing the end of March which is the scheduled completion time of the new emergency services building (ESB), and staff report it’s almost there.

Acting CAO Linda Tynan told council she’s working on the final details, such as agreements with user groups.

“We’re planning a user group meeting for next week,” Tynan said. “To make sure all the details are looked after for actual operation.”

Tynan also reported that any “major obstacles” are done.

She will provide another update at the next scheduled council meeting (March. 22).

Chicken bylaw on its way

Council has asked the acting CAO to draft up a chicken bylaw.

The motion was put forward and there will be more information provided when available.

Mayor’s report

Mayor Hamling reported council sent a letter to the Interior Health Authority opposing the bonus points system that was recently found to already be in place.

Hot Springs Commission looking strong

Coun. Cam Leitch mentioned during his report to council the newly formed hot springs commission is already looking very promising.

“We met last week and talked about strength, opportunities and threats,” he said. “It was a productive meeting with lots of brainstorming ideas. I think that commission is going to be very productive.”

Mayor Hamling took the opportunity to comment on the enthusiasm of the group.

“Not only on council’s part but the people sitting on the committee,” she said. “I was really impressed with that.”

New recycling rules

During Coun. Ulli Mueller’s report, she stated the recycling bins currently next to the arena will be replaced with newer bins which compact the garbage.

“Apparently we were transporting a lot of air,” Mueller said. “Now we’re getting new containers that look similar, but they will crush in Nakusp before they haul the stuff away.”

Mueller reported there will no longer be an annual fee for the hauling, but rather a monthly cost. She did not say whether or not this cost would be more or less.

Community info kiosk reaches next phase

The design is in place and Nakusp could be looking at a brand new community information kiosk to be placed somewhere in the park.

They have the proposed $16,125 in the bank and ready to go at any time now.

The Nakusp Everybody Club expects to see the project completed mid-June.

Janet Royko, project coordinator, said they would be happy as long as the kiosk is put inside of the park.

“The site for the location of the kiosk has been widely discussed,” she said in her report. “At this time we see the optimum location to be in the Community Park.”

Coun. Cam Leitch said it’s really important the design fits in with the natural look of the park.

Mayor Hamling also mentioned Nakusp is a “wood first” community and that should definitely be considered.

The winner of the contest to design the new kiosk was Sondra Krajewski.

Nakusp Esso to get a tune-up

After plenty of deliberation, Nakusp village council approved an expansion to the Nakusp Esso that would nearly double its store size, put in a coffee bar and add a new gas pump, as well as a new canopy over-top the pumps.

Coun. Ulli Mueller, the owner of that lot, declared a conflict and left before council spoke on the matter.

Mayor Hamling brought up one point that bothered her, since she saw that it could go against the Official Community Plan (OCP).

She said by having a coffee bar with a seating area, it could be considered a restaurant. In the OCP, the community wanted no restaurant that took away from entering the village.

“We want people to come in and not be able to bypass through the community,” Hamling said. “I think the coffee bar should not include a seating area.”

Coun. Cam Leitch agreed that if it implies a restaurant, then it shouldn’t be allowed. But a coffee bar might not be that.

“But if it’s so a person can sit down and have a coffee…” Leitch said. “Can we start applying our interpretation?”

Coun. Joseph Hughes agreed a nice place to sit and have coffee while someone is doing their laundry would be fine, but they should restrict the coffee bar from serving fresh food.

Acting CAO Linda Tynan said they can word it so it must remain a coffee bar and have no kitchen.

Council voted to allow the development, but the coffee bar can not have any food preparation.

Running club to host 5 km run

Village council approved the Nakusp Running Club’s request to host a five kilometre running event on May 8.

There will also be a two kilometre walk for those who choose not to run, and a 100 metre children’s dash.

Kari Tithecott and Jodi Clark submitted the proposal to council outlining their vision.

“Out thoughts are to have the finish area to be located in the park by the Cenotaph/Gazebo, as well have having music playing in the gazebo (perhaps a local group can play, otherwise a sound system),” they wrote.

Tithecott and Clark also write there will be a barbeque and bake sale at the park with all proceeds going towards a local charity.

The running route is not yet finalized, but they anticipate some road closures.

Village council approved their request, although they haven’t waived fees for gazebo use.