Busy year for the Burton Volunteer Fire Department

Highlights from the Burton Community Association's annual general meeting.

Training for crews in the Burton Volunteer Fire Department is going well.

The department is working on getting an AED (defibrillator). At the moment the only one in the community is at the fire hall, and a person needs a key in order to get in. The goal is to try and get one AED in the campground because it’s a high-risk area and one for the learning centre. The fire department would look after maintaining the equipment such as the batteries and paddles, making sure they’re up to date.

Howard Meeds, president of the Burton Community Association, gave an update on the department at the association’s annual general meeting on March 28.

The department has also been working on building an addition to the fire hall. This project has been an on-going one for a couple of years. As of right now, the drawings for the addition are being completed by Ulli Mueller and more grant applications have been submitted.

A firefighter’s calendar is also in the works as a fundraiser, and a recruiting drive for new members is underway.


Campground committee looking into Internet

The campground committee of the Burton Community Association is looking at a seasonal Internet account to go along with the online reservation system. This will be a big help to campground operators. The system will show potential customers what is available at the campground and will also enable operators to spend more time away from the phone, giving them more opportunities to help campers.

The campground committee is also working on replacing and refreshing signage.


Burton Community Association elects board members

Seven members of the community have been elected by acclamation to the Burton Community Association. They are Howard Meeds, Patty Moody, Alan Ross, Lora-Mae Swanson, Wanda Buerge and Bob Parkinson.