Brash cougar lurking around Brouse

A Brouse area resident called his neighbours on Monday night to warn them to be cautious and keep an eye on their animals and children.

Dan Wilson wasn’t the only one watching his dogs play in his yard on Neubrandt Road just outside of Nakusp on the night of June 24. In a corner of the yard Wilson spotted a cougar who was intent on the canines at play.

“If it was just running through I’d say it was a typical cougar reaction,” he told the Arrow Lakes News. But the cougar stayed for ten minutes, got up and then returned to the scene.

“It was definitely stalking my pets,” Wilson said, who was alarmed by the big cat’s odd behaviour. A resident of the area for 25 years, this is the first cougar that he has seen, although he’s sure others have been around, they’ve just been much more cautious about being spotted.

Wilson proceeded to call his neighbours to warn them to be cautious and keep an eye on their animals and children, and he also put a call into the Ministry of Environment’s wildlife hotline to report the oddly-behaving cougar (f you are experiencing difficulties with wildlife, you can call the hotline at 1-877-952-7277).

On Tuesday morning, Wilson assumed the cougar wasn’t around, because in its place in his yard was a buck, but he’s keeping his eyes peeled and hopes his neighbours in Brouse are doing the same.