Water restrictions continue to be enforced

The Nakusp water situation is amounting to the equivalent of a "perfect storm"

The Nakusp water situation is amounting to the equivalent of  a “perfect storm” as several factors have been contributing to the ongoing water issues.

On August 4 mayor Karen Hamling posted an update on the Nakusp Communicator Facebook page explaining the need for ongoing water restrictions. Hamling confirmed that Well Number 1 continues to be offline and the required motor and parts are still in transit. However, additional issues including several water main breaks, the commissioning of the new water treatment plant and the seasonably hot, dry weather has put a significant strain on the water system. In light of the ongoing issues, Public Works has advised the village to observe proper precautionary considerations, and continue to enforce the water restrictions.

Hamling has expressed her hopes that the situation will be resolved quickly and confirmed prior to the release of this issue, “We are getting close and hoping for the second week in August to relax the restrictions, however, regardless of when, we will be strictly enforcing watering times so there is not an overload on the system.”