Fall has arrived in style to Trout Lake.

Fall has arrived in style to Trout Lake.

Sign to mark Trout Lake Cemetery

Our abbreviated summer had many vacationers cramming summer activities into three weeks in August.

Our abbreviated summer had many vacationers cramming summer activities into three weeks in August. In July, the cool temperatures and rainy weather as well as high water levels kept many beachgoers at bay. On the other hand, off-road enthusiasts haven’t missed a beat exploring the backcountry, as they merely contend with pesky insects on their adventures. With September’s arrival our household welcomes the fall as our favourite time of year; much to the chagrin of the sun worshippers.

The Trout Lake Community Club held their annual general meeting on June 30, which was attended by 33 members. The 2012–13 membership is currently at 106 members. No election voting was necessary as President, John Wall, and all other TLCC Directors, chose to stay on in their positions for the term.

After a short discussion, the membership in attendance decided that it is necessary to increase the TLCC membership fees from $5 to $10 per member as of the 2013-2014 fiscal year – the last increase occurred in the late 1980s when the fees rose from $2 to $5 per member.

Jeanette Gordon proposed that the Club purchase a metal sign for the Trout Lake Cemetery and it was approved. The membership in attendance chose the design and since the meeting, Jeanette has contacted the metalworker who will start construction this fall.

The Trout Lake town sign is progressing with the gravel pad ready for MOT approval. John Todds, who is constructing the sign has visited the site and is satisfied that it will sufficiently accommodate the structure. The plan is to have it done by winter.

Work has begun to upgrade the doors at the community hall. The project is due to be completed before the end of September.

Columbia Shuswap Regional District held an open house at the Trout Lake and District Community hall on Aug. 9. CSRD Area B Director, Loni Parker, and Jan Thingsted, Development Services Planner, hosted the meeting along with Gerald Christie, Development Services Manager and Jayden Riley, a summer student from Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops. At least 40 people from the area attended the presentation to learn about the zoning phase of the OCP and gather information about the proposals.

Once again, the annual TLCC Garage and Bake Sale was a great success, bringing in over $800 during the two-day event. All proceeds will support community projects and help with the hall’s winter heat costs. My thanks go out to all the volunteers!

The Trout Lake BC Internet Society (TLBCIS) has now completed the equipment installation for the community of Beaton. As Beaton residents have no electricity or phone lines, they rely on solar panels, batteries or generators to power up devices. They are now connected to the system.

President, John Wall, will be scheduling some maintenance work at the repeater sites during the fall months to prepare the system for the winter.

The TLBCIS annual meeting was held on September 2nd. This date coincided with the first anniversary of the Society’s incorporation. Thirty subscribers attended the meeting and then enjoyed a variety of appetizer plates and good conversation at the casual social afterwards.

Enjoy the fall everyone!