Mayor Karen Hamling visit Nakusp Secondary class

Mayor Karen Hamling was invited to NSS Socials 10 classes on November 19.

Mayor Karen Hamling was invited to NSS Socials 10 classes on November 19 to explain the three levels of government, municipal government, and her role as Mayor of Nakusp.  Students found Mayor Hamling both helpful and informative as she spoke and answered their questions.

“Mayor Hamling knew how to explain the answers to our questions in a simple enough way for us to understand, but still give us the main idea,” Taylor Aeichele said about the mayor’s visit.

Afterward, students commented about the complexity of the municipal government, the mayor’s role in a village, and about their involvement in village decisions.

“The municipal government is more complex than I thought: if you want to put in a new playground, you have to go into committee meetings, you have to check the insurance company, and make sure that you check about people suing the village,” commented Jacob Henschke.

Adam Fox was impressed by the mayor’s visit. “We were glad to see that Mayor Hamling is an expert,” he said, “because she has a difficult position and it gives us confidence in her to see how she has the ability to take action on our behalf.”

“She does a lot of work, doesn’t get paid a lot for it, and does it because she cares for the community and it’s a service that needs to be given,” noted Katarina Koftinoff, recognizing the value of the mayor’s work.

Kyle Louis and Mikel Guidon saw that the effects of her work might be felt by them very soon” “We enjoyed how Mayor Hamling showed us that things affect us, not just adults; kids need a say in what will happen in our village. For example, The Union of British Columbia Municipalities makes decisions regarding driving age.”