Letter to the Editor. Nakusp: village gem

The hospitality, friendliness and uniqueness combined made for a most unforgettable getaway.

When you venture on a vacation trip to smaller towns you can have varied experiences, even if you just stop for gas, quick refreshment or to ask for directions from the locals.

This was certainly not the case for my husband and I when we went to Nakusp. After a quick stop at the Information Centre to inquire about accommodations, with a few brochures in hand we decided to call Doug and Heather Peters of Queen Anne Turret B&B. It was the magnificent picture on the front of the brochure that caught our attention. After a brief pause on the part of Heather when I asked whether or not they had space for two, she assured me that they had a room available. I turned to my husband and questioned why she wouldn’t have that information right at hand.

We found out upon our arrival and were shown the very large bedroom with two walk-in closets and an extensive en suite bathroom with shower and soaker tub; this was their own private bedroom. Since they hate to turn down guests—not due to monetary reasons but because they care—they sequestered themselves to the basement bedroom sans a bathroom.

We knew immediately that this four day trip to the Kootenays was going to be one to remember. Being a former journalist and columnist, I just had to give the local paper our experience in print.

Our first evening in this gem of a village involved a nice leisurely walk along the waterfront. We met some other visitors, locals and business owners.

We didn’t get a chance to meet everyone in town the next day, but we certainly did try.

Our hosts encouraged us to check out the museum, which they volunteer at once a week. Our time didn’t allow for a tour but a quick glance inside assured us that a return visit to Nakusp and the museum was well in order. The new Native section was especially attractive for us to explore.

For two nights in a row we ate dinner at Chumley’s Restaurant. We usually like to support all the local eateries, but unfortunately the proprietors of Karl’s Woodfire Pizza N’More experienced a family tragedy and had been forced to close for a few days. We did meet up with the female owner and conveyed our regards and sincere regrets for the family.

Upon meeting up with one of the true locals, Glen Olson, we were delighted with many a story of his home. He suggested we peruse Meritxell Books, the local used book store, for a copy of Welcome Home by Stuart McLean. I am very happy to inform you that I got the last copy and was told by Wes Towle that it has been eight years since a copy was last purchased.

Every woman loves chocolates so there was absolutely no question as to whether or not to stop at Jennifer Chocolates on Fourth Avenue. A true chocolatier and artisan was right at work when I entered and was told to quickly close the door. “Chocolates don’t like the heat,” she said. A quick purchase was made and my plans to return to Nakusp were sealed.

Our next delight on Saturday morning was the market. I took a cute picture of a young girl named Tatum Dieterman AKA Pipi the Puppy, Don Guereg playing guitar, and Lee Rooks selling the wares from a collective of artists. Even though the market was only a block long it instilled in us a sense of community spirit and the opportunity for fellowship.

Our visit was going by too fast as we stopped in at Cut Rite Meats & Deli for our picnic lunch before heading to the Nakusp hot springs and falls. What a fabulous feature to have in such a gem of a village.

My visit would not have been complete if I had not been able to meet up with fellow newspaper publishers at the Arrow Lakes News. I met Chantelle Carter who said that she just started full time last week as the office manager and as a sales rep..

Though we had to leave on Saturday evening to our great chagrin, we were optimistic about returning and getting to know many more of the locals and visitors alike. Our immense thanks go out to all of those who touched our lives, albeit for only a short time. We have returned home and continue to think and reminisce on all your gem of a village offers to entertain, sparkle and enlighten.

The hospitality, friendliness and uniqueness combined made for a most unforgettable getaway. We look forward to returning very soon to encapsulate all you have to offer.



Raydon and Billi Hall of Penticton, B.C..