Honouring Ichiro ShIino with slideshow

Ichi100 showing on 100th birthday

Ichiro ShIino was born June 19, 1915 in Cumberland, BC on Vancouver Island. He passed away in August of 1999. His 100th birthday would have been this coming June.  Because we have been given many of his photos and movies, we thought we would like to honour him with a presentation of some of his work.

During the war, Ichi was interned, as were many other Japanese, to the Kootenays.  While in Nakusp, from the 1940s, he recorded the history of the area on film. He had a good quality Roleflex camera, which took 2.5 inch square negatives. On every special occasion he was there with his camera. He had a darkroom in his home, and provided many photos to the Arrow Lakes News. He also took graduation photos which he presented to each of the graduates; and other special occasion photos, such as when 10 Queen Scouts were leaving for the 8th World Jamboree in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

He also had a movie camera and projector  and showed his movies on occasion to groups like the Rotary club. He recorded the last run of the Minto and took pictures of the loss of the two arenas in Nakusp. He recorded each July 1st parade, and took movies such as the tug boats in action, and the working of the Big Bend sawmill.

He joined the Big Bend Lumber Co in 1943, first as a faller, and then in its sawmill operations. He continued to work for CanCel when they took it over. When the mill ceased operations in 1961, he joined the company’s logging operations where he spend the next 19 years. He was a tugboat master, a boom man and piloted most of the division’s boats during his career. He retired on June 30, 1980.


The show will be held at the Bonnington Theatre on April 17 at 7 p.m.