Big B-Day plans started

Over 20 people showed up at the Nakusp’s 120th birthday celebration meeting.

Over 20 people showed up at the Nakusp’s 120th birthday celebration meeting to brainstorm for the upcoming celebrations which will be held on the July 1 weekend. A lot of energy and great ideas were discussed with attendees representing different community organizations and those just interested in making the celebrations special and having a great time.

What we do know for sure is that there will be the July 1 parade sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the pancake breakfast and fireworks put on by our firemen.  Forty antique cars will be arriving to take part in our parade, and we hope to have a viewing area downtown for the cars.

The rest of the weekend depends on who will volunteer and what roles they will take on.

There were a lot of really great ideas brought forward. Here are a few of them:

• Children’s races and events on July 1st.  A variety of ethnic food vendors for the park.

• An over 45 ball tournament for the Saturday and Sunday which will be billed as a fun tournament.

• A hiking event that would entail possibly two trails; kayak races; an “art attack” on the beach.

• Closing off part of Broadway and having music, possibly allowing buskers at different stations throughout the day on the Saturday.  It would be nice to have local talent doing the busking.  Merchants would also be encouraged to have tables outside their business with birthday specials.

• Races on Broadway: a waiters’ race was given as one example.  A pet contest; parkour demonstration.

• A street dance for all ages on the Saturday night with a live band.

• A town crier to announce events throughout the day. The group would like to see the use of the old fashioned costumes that are stored at the arena; pictures of the past in the various store front windows to bring the 120th theme into place.

• Sale of event buttons to cover expenses of parade and events. If you don’t have a button, you will go to jail which will be on the grounds. Hopefully a logging truck load of firewood raffle to also help cover costs.

A lot of other great ideas came forward as well and are being looked into. It would be nice to see these events happen.  We will be having a meeting April 11 for the various groups to report back as to what they will take on. If you are interested in giving input and particularly in lending a hand, even for one hour during the celebrations, go to ‘Nakusp’s 120th Birthday Celebrations’ on Facebook.