Marilyn Boxwell

Seniors’ Column

This week's column discusses the upcoming provincial election and making a difference in those affected by Alzheimer's Disease.

Seniors’s Column

This week's column focuses on the Special Olympics and its importance in a community like Nakusp.

Senior’s Column

A lack of transportation services can make things difficult for seniors, especially when medical appointments are involved.

Something special about Nakusp

If you are a BC homeowner aged 55 years and over who is seeking a way of delaying payment of your annual property taxes.

Encouraging BC Government to heed seniors concerns

Many communities including our own have done their best to meet the growing needs of older citizens.

Senior’s Column

Be prepared to enjoy a “meeting of the minds” and have fun with others interested in expanding their computer skills.

Difficult days without having a computer

It is difficult these days to be able to generally manage one’s business and private affairs without having a computer.

Helping hands help the transition to transit

Over the past few months, local, district-wide and B.C. residents have witnessed a vast and growing development of public transit systems.

Serenade along with Shirley Garvey each week

It was about ten years ago now, but I remember well the first time I came face to face with one of Nakusp’s finest musical artists.

Get tax help from dedicated volunteers

I was recently asked by one of our local residents, for more information concerning the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

Holistic health practitioners get to the root of the matter

Holistic heath incorporates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of our bodies.

Adopting a pet through PALS may change your life for the better

About 18 months ago, I made what turned out to be a life-changing call ...

Course helps families care for those with dementia

A Family Caregivers’ Education one-day intensive course for family members who are caring for a person with dementia comes to Nakusp May 30.

Seniors’ Fair returns in 2013

The second Seniors’ Resource Fair to take place Friday, May 31 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Nakusp Arena and Auditorium.

Library visits are a regular special occasion

My weekly visit to Nakusp Public Library never fails to stand out as a very special occasion for me.

Get help during taxing time of year

Nakusp region’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program helps those who request assistance with their tax returns.

Seniors sign up Just for the Health of it in Burton

I recently had the pleasure of attending a new and innovative weekly exercise and wellness program.

Help is on hand for tax time again this year

It won’t be long before the annual Income Tax Return package makes an appearance in our post office.

Help is available for older renters

A BC Housing rent subsidy program “SAFER” is a financial benefit designed specifically for those aged 60 years and older.

Get some help making a house into a home

Making a house a welcoming home is a primary goal most of us willingly aspire to.