John Perkins

My journey and other things

It did take three readings from Genesis to Revelation before I was fully convinced that atheism was destined to be my worldview.

Atheism compared worldwide

I have no idea what percentage of atheists would like to see a complete absence of religion.

Theories, hypotheses, facts and the G.d. particle

A great deal of confusion exists in the matter of theories, hypotheses and provable facts.

Near Death Experiences offer no proof of heaven or hell

The most recent arrival on the near death experiences scene is none other than a neurologist who spent a whole week in a deep coma.

Biblical puns and meanings lost in translation

John Perkins discusses the finer points of translations of biblical text.

Sectarian violence around the world

Blaise Pascal wrote: “Men never do evil so completely and so cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”

More on theodicy, and the power of prayer

This old atheist would never deny those who prayed for my soul the satisfaction of believing that their prayers helped.

The problem of evil lives still

One of the problems that should trouble all religious people is that branch of theology which deals with the presence of evil.

My love of so-called Sacred Music

I have been a member of a choir, almost continuously, since I was ten.

Just who was Jesus?

John Perkins asks how much we really know about Jesus as a historical figure. Have we even got his birth date right?

Introducing atheism

Atheism is not a religion, in exactly the same way that not collecting stamps is not a hobby.