Body recovered in Halfway River, Nakusp, BC

Body of 19 year-old missing man found near Nakusp BC

RCMP cautious as what appear to be explosives are discovered in a Nakusp home

The explosives were found as a result of an on-going investigation.

Living with less

The growing tend of having fewer possessions and less debt



Crystal Rene Unger is the winner of the Arrow Lakes News' Reader Photo Contest


READER PHOTOS: Keep ‘em coming!

Huge snowfall gets everyone outside...whether they like it or not!


Snowed in? Who is and who isn’t?

We want to know and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

The tanker that crashed into Lemon Creek last Friday spilled 33

A disaster’s emotional toll

A week after a major jet fuel spill into Lemon Creek, everyone is still talking.

The tanker that crashed into Lemon Creek last Friday spilled 33

Community’s worth it

Let’s help our neighbours make things happen when they’re this close to their dreams, and when all that stands in their way is money.

Tourism would be buoyed by more moorage

It would not take much to put in three buoys so visiting boaters would have some place to tie up to for the night.

MP protests closure of the Nelson BC DFO Office

Southern Interior MP Alex Atamanenko expressed his concern about the closure of the DFO office in Nelson, B.C.

Five Kootenaians nominated for Queen’s medal

Two former RDCK chairs and two former directors are among the nominees for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal.

Happy trails society thanks CMH

CMH has frequently shown its community spirit in Nakusp, always cooperating with other recreational users of the back country.

The Fauquier fire fighting team: Jamie Coates

Proud Fauquier Fire Chief gives a message of thanks

The Fauquier Volunteer Fire Brigade has had another busy and successful year. In June, we had one relatively minor callout when a hydro transformer in town took a direct hit from a lightning strike. We were easily able to suppress the resulting fire.

The Fauquier fire fighting team: Jamie Coates

Nakusp man becoming permacultured

Dimes to donuts there are folks in our community who are, for all intents and purposes, permaculturists (you, or your neighbour over the fence maybe) are people making the most of their land, growing enough food for themselves and their families, using all available resources and wasting nothing.