Volunteers have been working away to get the new addition

Summit more than a ski hill

The Nakusp Ski Club, partnering with other local recreational group, is transforming the lodge into a year-round, multi-purpose facility.

It’s where red-cheeked children sip hot chocolate after a day of hitting the slopes, but soon the lodge at Summit Lake Ski Hill will be valuable for more than that. The Nakusp Ski Club, partnering with other local recreational groups, has received $100,000 from Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) to help it transform the lodge into a year-round, multi-purpose facility.

As snow approaches, the first phase is taking shape. Thanks to a large contingent of volunteers and generous contributions from local contractors and retailers, the roof is on a new rental shop and storage area. The electricity is hooked up, and doors and windows should be arriving soon. The addition will significantly increase the square footage of the original 1960s lodge, plus add an element of safety and accessibility for patrons that was lacking before.

“We thank everyone who’s helped us get to this point,” said Eric Waterfield, Nakusp Ski Club President. “We’re excited with the progress we’ve made, and look forward to having the addition up and running by the 2013/14 ski season.”

The ultimate plan is for the lodge and ski hill property to become an all-season hub for groups of all types. The ski club collaborated with recreational groups from Nakusp to New Denver—including hiking, running, ATV, mountain biking and cross-country ski clubs—to determine how the project could benefit all. Activities like cultural events may also take place at the lodge.


“This project is a great example of people working together to achieve more,” said Gary Ockenden, CBT Director, Community Initiatives. “It started as a simple ski hill improvement project and has grown into a plan for a well-rounded community asset. Once completed, this facility will be an inviting destination for a range of activities.”