Summit Lake hosts fun Club Races

The terrific part about these races is that they are open to anybody who wants to participate!

  • Wed Feb 29th, 2012 9:00am
  • Sports

Fresh snow fell Friday night then Saturday, Feb. 18 the club got busy getting ready. On a well-groomed hill, thanks to Eric Waterfield, three courses were set up. Susie Madden, Daryl Katchen, Troy Clark and Matt Mckee set up a Slalom, Super Giant Slalom and a Snowboard course. The timing apparatus was put into place, fences and barriers were installed and grooming was completed. The entries and starting lists were figured out and a myriad of organizational details were taken care of. Everybody pitched in and made a big job not only manageable, but fun.

The terrific part about these races is that they are open to anybody who wants to participate! This year there were 90 skiers and snowboarders combined, ages 4 to over 50. The slalom course was run first, then two back-to-back snowboard races, followed by the GS. Some die-hards opted to race in both the skiing and snowboard events. The courses and conditions were fast. After finishing his slalom course Mike Smith was overheard saying “I may not have looked fast but I sure felt fast!”

If speed was sought it was surely found in the Super GS course. Leah Gilliland, Jody Clark, Tracy Smith and Sondra Krajewski all thought the race was a real rush and wanted to repeat the course immediately! All participants seemed to genuinely enjoy the the challenge they signed up for – ready or not!

Last, but not least, some keen beginner 3–5 year olds took two runs each on a balloon-laden mini novice course set up by Erin McLeod, Claire Jackson and  Brenda McQuair – goodie bags for every one!

Without delay, timekeepers Trish Cannon and Beth McLeod produced a long list of podium placers. By the end of the presentations entire families had made an appearance! Congratulations to all.

Fastest overall snow boarder of the day went to Gareth Douglas and fastest overall skier went to Daryl Katchen.

Three memorial trophies were awarded: Taylor Aeichele was presented with the John Gleboff Memorial Trophy for fastest High School skier.  Gareth Douglas was presented with the Tim Markholm Memorial Trophy for fastest overall High School Boarder and Ivy Tourand was presented with the Teanne Jones Memorial Trophy fastest overall Nancy Green Racer.

On the podium microphone high school ski coach Frances Swan pronounced a huge thank you to the Summit Lake Ski Hill and all of the race officials, gate keepers, side-slippers, timekeepers, bib collectors, coaches, high school racers, parents, and helpers of all kinds who made the competition rewarding for all who were there. It takes a high level of community support to get the job done and Nakusp families always see it through.

It should be mentioned that the club races were good practice and a fun send off for the high school snowboard and ski teams that are heading to Whistler to compete on the provincials this coming weekend! Head coach Matt Mckee says his boarders are all really solid and ready to go! We wish them luck. Also, The Nancy Green Ski League racers will be sending a team to Phoenix Mountain at Grand Forks for the forth zone race.

Next on the agenda: Saturday, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, The Summit Lake Ski Hill Spring Carnival and Downhill Dummie event plus the Summit Lake Racers Wind-Up. Come up and check out the festivities.

High School Whistler bound snowboard team:

Coach Mat McKee

Gareth Douglas

T’ai Ballard

Adam Fox

Adam Webster

Amy Surina

Margaret Andrews

Kathleen Fox

Marina Cunningham



High School Whistler bound ski team:

Coach Frances Swan

Adam McQuair

Connor McQuair

Cailan McQuair

Liam Legault

Angus Jackson

Jesse Katchen

Erin McLeod

Claire Jackson

Sage Reimer

Kate-Lynne Lagore

Lyndsay Cann

Taylor Aeichele