Nakusp Secondary’s Carter Stenseth advances the ball against a Rossland defender.

NSS takes win against Rossland

Nakusp Secondary School plays Rossland in basketball action.

  • Sat Feb 11th, 2012 3:00pm
  • Sports

It’s midwinter, which means it’s basketball season here at NSS! The teams have been feeling enthusiastic. After about a two months of practice they have recently played their first number of games and tournaments.

I was able to attend last Wednesday’s game against Rossland school, and could feel the excitement abound as everyone prepared. I took the opportunity to ask some of team-members questions, and they spoke of their strengths.

The senior boys stated that they had the advantage of especially athletic members, speed and height. Carter Stenseth said that in preparation for a game, he tries “not to be too serious, but still get into the game.”

Dustin Larrimore, notorious Pringles addict, joked about absorbing a can in preparation, due to a sodium deficiency. In reality, though, he states that he always eats a bowl of oatmeal before the game, Dylan Hascarl agreeing that he also practised this.

On this occasion the senior girls suffered something of a defeat, low on the defences. This was likely because of the unfortunate absence of certain team members, due to unforeseen circumstances. But after conversing with them, I learned that they are confident about their next games, and I wish them the best of luck, or as I prefer, the best of skill, as I’m sure most would agree is not in short supply!

But what anyone lacked that day, the senior boys certainly made up for! When asked how confident they were prior to the game, Stenseth claimed that he predicted their chances a ten out of ten. And they certainly had good reason to be so assured! In under seven minutes the score was 14-1, resulting eventually in a triumphant win. Particular prowess was displayed, such as from Kodi Bowman, Dylan Hascarl, jumping at impressive heights, Dustin Larrimore, who seems to find much difficulty in missing his goals. Curtis Dalgliesh was fast and furious, who is according to Stenseth, their “Big Man Down Low.”

Though it’s easy to see that they all display great teamwork and efficiency as they work together, each one bringing something unique to the table. The same can also be said for the senior girls, which also consists of two grade nine students, Jayden Atherton and Adriel Goodman.

The boys credit a lot of their success to their coach, Seamus O’Connor, who they had much praise for in his ability, going so far as to create some form of undisclosed “lucky charm,” of which I could get no information about, as I was informed this would diminish its ability.

Girls coach Jay Gardner, supported them all throughout, with notable enthusiasm as well as volume.

Best of luck to all of the basket ball teams of NSS, Senior and junior boys, senior girls, and junior girls, coached by Dorian Boswell, and hoping that of all things experienced this season, fun is one of them!