This “infamous” fishing shanty could ruin chances for future ice fishing on Summit Lake if it doesn’t get cleaned up soon.

Shabby shack could ruin fishing fun for all

Have you noticed on your drive past Summit Lake recently a fishing shanty lingering out on the ever-so-dwindling ice?

Have you noticed on your drive past Summit Lake recently a fishing shanty, although weathered by the brisk winter and now a spirited spring, lingering out on the ever-so-dwindling ice? Not only is the shack slowly sinking into the thinning ice as the days get warmer, but so are the two chairs, debris and garbage around it.

Who would be so thoughtless as to leave this out on the ice for the lake to swallow up as the ice slowly disappears?

On any given weekend throughout this past winter, it was a familiar sight out on Summit Lake: families of all ages taking advantage of being allowed to fish on the little lake. So were the fish stories growing with each tug of a hook and squeals of laughter from a child about to catch their first fish. The constant stream of activity on the lake was hard to miss and the many memories created this past winter were abundant.

And now there is a fisherman or woman out there who also enjoyed this past winter on the ice of Summit Lake, filling his or her freezer with the bounties of the waters with no doubt a fishing story or two of their own, who has carelessly, in lazy haste, not removed their fishing shack from the surface. What is left now is only for the lake itself to swallow the refuse into its depths and for it to avoidably pollute the pristine beauty of Summit Lake we have all come to love and enjoy.

If you know of the person or persons to whom the shack belongs or have any information in regards to this infamous shack, please call toll free 1-877-952-7277 and anonymously speak with a Conservation Officer.

It is unfortunate for the people of this area as in too many instances before this that the actions of one may jeopardize the future enjoyment of others.