Give credit everywhere it is due

It has always been a bone of contention for me to witness a lack of recognition for the people.

It has always been a bone of contention for me to witness a lack of recognition for the people whose inspiration and expertise bring honour to a community, school or family.

These people are really the unsung heroes of the story, and yet for reasons, which I hope may yet come to light, they are swept to the side.

In the Nov. 21 edition of the Arrow Lakes News on page three we read that in a public council meeting that “earlier in the fall, the Village terminated its Engineering Contract with Delterra Engineering Ltd. as it is believed that the projects [water treatment plant, sewer treatment plant and Well 2] were not being effectively managed.”

Further on, however, the  council notes admit that the Nelson firm who have been hired to complete the project were “very interested that we’ve got the reclaimed water portion.”

On page eight of the same paper we see that Nakusp is one of three municipalities to receive the B. C. Community Energy award. Trish Dehnel states that the main reasons Nakusp was selected for the award were the implementation of renewable energy projects including micro hydro, solar and waste heat projects and “a persistent approach to acquiring funding and achieving results with few local resources.”

I remember a ceremony in the park some years ago in which Delterra was being given the credit for obtaining major grants and funding for projects of which Nakusp is now the beneficiary.

It seems to me that when awards are being granted, and congratulations offered, that there should at least also be honourable mention of Delterra Engineering, whose brainchildren brought this award to Nakusp.


Stancia De Blasi

Nakusp, B.C.