This huge Easter basket in the Special Olympics draw was won by Katie Gerrard.

Generosity wins big in Special Olympics raffle

This is the story of the raffle in Nakusp for Special Olympics.

This is the story of the raffle for Special Olympics.

The first ticket we drew was from Norm Hales. He had choice of prizes and decided to take the Canucks hockey stick, and then donated it back to Special Olympics.

This was the hockey stick Ben Big Canoe won last spring, signed by Daniel Sedin, that was donated back to us by Christine.

So the second ticket drawn by David Cold (athlete) was for Diane Zuch, and I left a message that she had won the Easter ham basket on her answering machine.

After consultation, we decided to draw another ticket for the hockey stick. David (Royko) drew his own name, a ticket that some generous man had bought and had David’s name put on it. What are the chances in 400 tickets??

So we decided that was not fair, and Gabi gave David a chocolate Easter bunny, and he drew another ticket. This time we got a winner: Katie Gerrard. Way to go Katie!