Boat ramp disappointing

Hydro's new boat ramp in Nakusp is a disappointment after such a long wait.

What BC Hydro has done to Nakusp via result of the new boat launch not being accessible during the fall/winter/early spring months is fairly ludicrous. Whatever happened to BC Hydro’s five-year recreational study of the Arrow Lakes? What about the traffic counters that were to be installed way back when? I wrote an article for the ALN on the ‘recreational study’ way back in 2009. We’re not five years in, yet residents now have a boat launch they cannot use for half the year (or potentially more).

Where were the results of the traffic counters? Do they have statistics for the winter season? Were the counters put in at all? BC Hydro was supposed to inquire and hold face-to-face surveys with Arrow Lakes Reservoir recreationists. Are those on file with BC Hydro? How many people did they actually talk to? Did they know how heavily it is used during the winter time? If not, who’s responsibility was it to make them aware?

I just don’t want everyone getting angry at BC Hydro. When it’s all said and done, the village council has to take some fault for agreeing to the proposal without being cognizant of BC Hydro’s apparent (major) stipulation.

In an article the ALN published on Sept. 6, read online, Nakusp Mayor Karen Hamling is quoted as saying she gets the impression “we’re not taken seriously” and “considered a bother.” She’s taking the onus off the village for this oversight. The blame isn’t completely on BC Hydro here. I realize decisions made years ago do not affect all current elected council members; and I know you Nakusp residents tend to get involved as much as possible. I’m just sad, and fairly disappointed, at what I read when I visited the website today.

Keith Powell

Trenton, Ontario

P.S. Miss my Saddle Mountain High. Hope you’re all well.