Ask council for a smart moratorium

Do you wonder, like we do, why so many people are upset about the smart meter program?

Do you wonder, like we do, why so many people are upset about the smart meter program?  Why are 48 municipalities and cities, including Vancouver, asking the government for a moratorium on smart meters? Searching the internet and going to we found that smart meters are not CSA/UL approved and that they are causing house fires. Even our toaster is UL approved. We found that the World Health Organization has put smart meters in a Class 2B cancer risk, along with DDT and that Drs. Hallberg and Oberfeld have said that at the rate of increase, 50 per cent of the population could be hyper-sensitive to electromagnetic radiation by 2017. That means headaches and migraines, heart irregularities, joint and muscle pain, memory difficulties, to name a few health symptoms. Daniel Hirsh, an expert on nuclear policy, has concluded that smart meter exposure is 100 times greater than that of a cell phone.

Len Miller, retired fraud squad cop, warns against the invasion of privacy from smart meters. “You’re opening your front door and letting the world in,” he says. He suggests you take an active part in resisting BC Hydro’s smart meter program.

A number of places like Italy and Idaho have a wired smart meter program for a greatly reduced price and with none of the risks of wireless exposure and none of the meter-to-meter communications.

The real kicker is that in no place where smart meters have been installed (places like Ontario, Australia, California) has the energy usage been reduced because people need to use their energy during the day, yet associated monthly bills have increased.

Ask your council members to make Nakusp the 49th council to vote in a moratorium against smart meters.

Putting up a no trespassing sign is not illegal. Lock up your analog meter. It is your right to protect your health and privacy.