There were a lot of smiles

2012 grads undaunted by gaffs or rain

Expressions of the NSS grads varied from relief to joy to downright terror. The emotional range was paralleled by their choices in footwear.

The 2012 Nakusp Secondary School graduates held their final high school ceremony at the Nakusp Arena Saturday, June 9.

Each student symbolically paid their dues by dropping a twonie in a piggy bank that will be held in trust for the next set of grads.

Expressions on faces varied from relief to joy to downright terror. The emotional range was paralleled by the grads’ choices in footwear; optimistic sandals, dayglo runners, ruby slippers and patent pumps all paraded the stage.

Aspirations also varied from the very practical to Carter Stenseth’s outlandish plan to marry rich so he could pursue a career as a male underwear model. May luck smile on you, Carter! (Unsurprisingly, Carter and valedictorian Mitchell Zorn each walked away with a Free Spirit award.)

The tenacity and humour of the class was found in the small moments when not everything went according to plan. Kylie Gardner wrestling with the mic before the anthem, Shaelynne Gresuik’s tassel tussel, the varied and hilarious quotes from each of the grads imparting various kinds of wisdom.

“If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster;” “The tassel is worth the hassle;” and “There’s nothing like pizza and a little salad.”

Principal Sue Paterson had a few words for the Class of 2012, as did Pattie Adam and new Superintendent Denise Perry.

Tom Zeleznik had a few words from the Village, and advised the grads to come back and help build a dynamic place to live, and that this was a good time to ask for some money.

No truer words were spoken, because soon folks from all kinds of local groups were lining up to hand over cheques to the students in the form of bursaries and scholarships.

It was the giggles that the valedictorian speech given by free spirit Mitchell Zorn and Nicole Hawe which showed the degree of cohesion of the class.

These kids grew up together, knowing each other for most of their lives, having the strong bond of a shared childhood through their younger years that has matured into young adulthood, and you could tell.

After all the speeches and awards, the graduates made their way out of the arena arches and into their new adult lives.

Congratulations, 2012 Grads!