Youth centre plans epic Easter egg hunt

Highlights from the board meeting of the Nakusp and Area Youth Centre

The centre would like to host the event for the teenagers of Nakusp. In order to avoid coinciding with the children’s Easter egg hunt held by Overwaitea on Easter Sunday, this hunt would take place on Saturday, March 26. It will be held at the skate park and at the Nakusp Arena and the forest nearby. All teenagers are invited to take part.


Youth centre discusses ways to attract more visitiors

Nakusp Secondary School (NSS) teacher Dorian Boswell dropped by the youth centre’s monthly board meeting, presenting ideas to bring more teenagers into the centre.

Boswell asked students at the school what they would like at the centre, and a number of suggestions were brought up.

One thing Boswell noted was that NSS is kind of an anomaly when it comes to rural schools. About 80 per cent of the students play sports, and would like more opportunities to play, whether it be floor hockey, badminton, volleyball, etc.

Getting youth more involved in organizing events was also brought up. It was noted when teens have more involvement in organizing an event geared toward them, there is a better chance they’ll attend the event.


Coordinator’s report

Youth centre coordinator Stephanie Roger was recently interviewed on the local radio station, and the idea was brought up to possibly start a youth radio show. The idea would be to run the radio show from the youth centre. The centre’s board of directors is on board with the idea, and thinks it’s a good way to get the youth involved in the community, and help preparethem for future jobs.

Ideas were also discussed for things to do involving the younger youth in town. There are things for kids ages 0 to 6 to do, but from 6 to 12, there isn’t really a whole lot offered. There are thoughts of potentially organizing an old-fashioned teddy bearpicnic.