Village of Nakusp seeks to purchase Cedar Chalets at Nakusp Hot Springs

The Village of Nakusp is in negotiations to purchase the Cedar Chalets located next to the Nakusp Hot Springs.

The Village of Nakusp is in negotiations to purchase the Cedar Chalets located next to the Nakusp Hot Springs, CAO Linda Tynan announced in a press release on Sept. 25.

The Village has signed a memorandum of understanding with the owners of the Cedar Chalets, and council will borrow the money for the purchase, the amount of which will be reported to council post-deal. According to financial projections, the debt will be paid back within five years of operating.

“Council had a strategic session with the hot springs looking into buy the chalets,” Tynan told the Arrow Lakes News. “Almost all the reports from past consultants have said it would be a good idea.”

After the strategic session, the Village approached the current owner about buying the chalets.

“It was the right timing,” said Tynan, who also stated that the Village has increased marketing efforts over the past year in response to council’s recognition of the importance of a vital, successful hot springs to the economy of the Village of Nakusp.

In a statement to the media, the Village portrayed the opportunity to purchase and operate the Cedar Chalets as timely: “with the completion of the Kuskanax Creek Footbridge, the Village has an opportunity to create an exciting marketing package which will include both accommodation and hot springs passes.”

The CAO also noted that having the Cedar Chalets as a private business run separately from the Nakusp Hot Springs has been a hindrance to finding a partner.

When the deal goes through, the first order of business will be replacing the roofs on the distinctive A-frame cabins, although it likely won’t happen this year. The interiors of the cabins will also experience some upgrading as well.

How the chalets would be run by the Village has not yet been determined, although Tynan said the management of the Nakusp Hot Springs is already a full-time job.

The Cedar Chalets were built in 1973 by the Wethal family and since that time the family has leased the land from the Village and operated the Chalets.

“Our family is very pleased that the Nakusp Hot Springs and the Cedar Chalets will be operated together,” said Connie Wethal, current operator of the Cedar Chalets. “This will be a great fit for both businesses. Over the years many of our guests have been surprised that we are not combined. This is a great marketing opportunity and will only benefit both of businesses and the Village of Nakusp.”