Village granted $350,000 to fix arena roof

Highlights from the village council meeting of May 24, 2016

The village was successful in receiving the funding from the Columbia Basin Trust Research Infrastructure Grants program, which will go toward replacing the arena roof. The project was slowed up a little because of issues related to snow load calculation. There was also concern that the insulation currently on the beams of the roof could be asbestos. This was tested, and the insulation was determined to be free of asbestos.


Street sweeping

Once again this year, a company was hired to sweep the entire village. The work was completed within a few days at the beginning of May.

Because of the high cost of owning one, the village has decided to contract out for a street sweeper.

Many years ago, the village bought a sweeper from Revelstoke, which was older when it was purchased, and costs for maintaining the sweeper were astronomical. For every hour it was used, the village would spend two trying to find the right parts for it and fix it.

The village is saving a considerable amount of money by contracting out this service.


Hot Springs upgrade completed

The area behind the chalets at the Nakusp Hot Springs has had a minor facelift. Trees behind the chalets were removed, and the slope was reshaped to reduce any negative impacts on the structures. During the project it was discovered that an electrical supply line had been laid on the surface of the bank to service the accessible camping sites adjacent to the hot springs campground. This is a safety code deficiency, and has been rectified. General cleanup to the hot springs grounds and campground has been completed with the exception of excess gravel on the chalet lawn from the winter sanding program.


Recreations and Parks shift focus to parks

With the completion of the ice season at the sports complex, work activities for the department have shifted to parks. All spring cleanup activities throughout the village have been completed including the municipal campground. A full cleanup of the village office grounds and the adjacent vacant lot was completed for Local Government Week. The operational mowing program is now in full swing and service levels will be monitored throughout the season. The beach washrooms were repainted inside and out and are ready for use. All parks washrooms are now open. The village sports fields have been aerated and the ball diamonds were dethatched. In the arena, repainting of the bleachers and the mezzanine floor began. Mechanical control of Scotch Broom was undertaken at the sewage treatment lagoons.


Pesticide use

A second treatment for invasive plant control was conducted on a stand of Japanese Knotweed on municipal lands. The efficacy of the secondary treatment was superior and the stand will be monitored and additional herbicide treatments will be applied as deemed necessary.


Trails Master Plan

A recreation assistant has been hired and support for the development of a request for proposal for the Trails Master Plan will be a primary duty. Other duties will include administrative support for grant applications, business plans at the Nakusp Hot Springs, and maintenance management systems.