Trout Lake got its fair share of snow and then some this March.

Trout Lake welcomes Spring

Trout Lake welcomes Spring after a long but eventful winter.

So, what was that? Mother Nature, you trapped us in March nearly all winter long: slush, freeze, snow, dig; slush, freeze, snow, dig… Yikes! Could you deal us out a brilliant spring, please?

The 2011/12 winter was an unusual one weather-wise, but by the end of March it did manage to deliver a “twenty-four foot, one inch” snowfall at Trout Lake. Thanks again, to the Trout Lake General Store for their seasonal record keeping.

Thanks go out to all the volunteers who cleared the Community dock this winter. Local residents pressed their shovels into service taking on the task throughout the season.

The Trout Lake Community Club exercise classes were well attended three winter mornings a week from November through March. We enjoyed aerobics, pilates, tai chi, chi gong, step, dancercise, yoga and even a little Zumba. Thank you to all who participated and supported the program!

Club Director, Mike Rankin, organized a pair of crib nites during the winter months.  Seasoned and amateur players joined in the fun that resulted in surprising upsets in the winner and loser circles. During the first go-round, Fred Steiner faced unusually tough competition as reigning champ and ended up in the basement. Meanwhile, Ken Christiansen and his brother Kim edged out their opponents securing first and second place, respectively.

The Trout Lake Community Club has obtained a grant from the CSRD to install additional insulation at the Community Hall.  A section of the walls and the skirting around the building perimeter will be done in the coming weeks by an insulation contractor from Castlegar. Adding more insulation will help with winter heating costs and cooling of the building in the summer. Our thanks to CSRD Area B Representative, Loni Parker, for her interest in this Trout Lake project.

The Trout Lake Community Club Directors have begun prepping for the May Extraordinary meeting. A number of topics are slated to be discussed, including nominations for the 2012-2013 Club Director positions. Meeting and agenda details will be made available as the date approaches.

The Trout Lake BC Internet Society (TLBCIS) has been successfully up and running since January 9th, 2012. To date, over twenty customers have subscribed to the Internet service with many others ready to sign up as they arrive for annual mountain vacations. President John Wall has been busy configuring, delivering and installing equipment at customer locations. With the snow starting to recede, John is ready to get equipment in place for Internet coverage into Galena Bay and the surrounding area. Also, a crew is being organized to begin construction of the Beaton repeater site and setting up the Internet service there.

The TLBCIS wishes to thank Paula Burns for her service as TLBCIS Director and Treasurer. Paula opted to step down in December 2011.

John is pleased to welcome Krys Barnwell, who recently signed on as the TLBCIS Accountant. Krys has a strong background in accounting and bookkeeping and is a valuable addition to the team.

We invite you to browse the TLBCIS website (  It is still under construction but contact and subscription information is available at the site.                    Cheers!