The Bell Pole Co. in pre-flood days

This Week in History for Feb. 29, 2012

This Week in History features a selection of stories from the Arrow Lakes News archives

  • Mon Mar 5th, 2012 3:00pm
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Highways Closed to Save Damage

March 3, 1932

To save the highways from damage by traffic during the spring break-up, the public works department has decided to take the step of closing those of them that are in the worst shape. The Trail-Castlegar section will be closed. The highway from South Slocan to Nakusp will be closed also from Nakusp to Edgewood. Bus and truck concerns have been consulted regarding closing the roads during the beak-up and have agreed to move.

Housing for Nakusp

February 28, 1952

Nakusp, in common with most communities in the Province, could have used a dozen new houses at any time in the past three or four years. There just hasn’t been enough houses available in the province. Now, as soon as Celgar gets its Timber Management Licence and progress begins to take shape here, there will be a great and urgent need for housing. It is predicted that as many as 400 houses are needed. Even if the figure is exaggerated, it is staggering.

Byline Burpy

March 1, 1972

The social calendar of Nakusp seems to get terribly busy at this time of year. It seems we always have a rush of events in February and early March. I understand the Nakusp Conservation Association has moved its annual fish and game banquet ahead about a month to get out of the crowded social calendar.

Province Must Have

Courage to Change says Suffredine

February 28, 2002


British Columbia must have the courage to change if the province is to experience economic prosperity and renew social services. Suffredine underlines how steps being taken by the government are aimed at ensuring students and patients are the top priority. He stressed that the Public Education Flexibility and Choice Act combined with lifting the tuition freeze will provide more opportunities for students in the Kootenays.