Suffer the corrections

Sufferfest omissions and bad Sinbad info is now corrected.

  • Sun Nov 4th, 2012 6:00am
  • News

In the October 10 issue of the ALN: Overlooked in the blur of data, but not in our hearts were 2012 Kaslo Sufferfest participants in the 10 km event: 17 Kristin KIPKIE, Hills 51:05; 32 NATASHA MILES, New Denver 55:34; 38 Scott GRAHAM, Burton 57:52.

Also to be corrected:

In the October 24 issue of ALN:

Photo credit of the Sinbad rehearsal goes rightly to Anji Jones.

On page 12, the photo is courtesy of Gary Davidson and the cutline was: “The Keel-billed Toucan is one of the wonderful birds found throughout tropical regions in Central and South America,” not “cutline.”