Students learn to code at UBC Okanagan

Highlights from the school board meeting of Jan. 26.

CodeCreate at UBC

Six students, four from Nakusp Secondary School (NSS) and two from Lucerne Elementary Secondary School (LESS) attended the CodeCreate learning event at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna this past weekend.

Michael Myhal, the technology and hands-on learning teacher, supervised the field trip, which involved about 100 students from the interior region. Students got to learn about computer coding with the assistance of mentors from the post-secondary community, and also community volunteers. Global TV filmed the event, which includes footage of local students. A number of teachers in the district have an interest and background in coding, and the school board is looking at ways to further integrate these skills as part of the new K-9 curriculum.

Solar energy challenge

The Grade 7/8/9 class at Lucerne Elementary Secondary School (LESS) is the first to join the district-wide challenge to monitor the graphs and energy savings as a result of the solar panels installed at NES and LESS. The deadline to take part in the challenge is Feb. 4. Culminating presentations to the Education Partnership Committee in June will be made by all classes involved.

Lucerne wiring update

Wiring at Lucerne is almost complete, The next step is the installation of new wired drops in each classroom. There are not yet wireless routers installed in the classrooms. Board protocols around restrictions of use of wireless will be shared.

Grants for Edgewood School’s Innovative Wildlife Observation Project

Primary teacher Erika Momeyer has just won two grants to support her innovative use of game cameras to enhance student learning in the K-3 class at Edgewood School. The grants come from the Canadian Wildlife Federation, and BC Hydro’s Community Champions program. Students use wildlife cameras placed in the forest bordering the school to observe and record wildlife use and patterns in the area. After several weeks of monitoring, students will decide on a community action project to help the wildlife using the forest. This could include community education through brochures, posters, or signs, garbage clean up, bird or bat box building, or another student-run initiative.

Board of Education to meet with Jan Unwin and Maureen Dockendorf- Tuesday, Feb. 23

Parents, staff, and the public are welcome to join the Board of Education at their regular board meeting to hear Jan Unwin, Superintendent of Graduation and Transitions, and Maureen Dockendorf, Superintendent of Early Years, as they discuss the renewed K-9 curriculum, and possible changes in assessment and reporting. The meeting will take place at the Bonnington Arts Centre.

The next Education Partnership Committee meeting is Feb. 9 at 7 p.m.

The next School Board meeting is Feb. 23 at 7 p.m.